Ambaji Tour


The shrine of Shri Amba is regarded as a revered shrine by the Shakta Shaktism sect of Hinduism.

It is believed that the Heart of Sati Devi has fallen here. The origin of the Shakti Peetha status temple is from the mythology of Daksha yaga and Sati’s self-immolation.

Located close to Khodiyar Chowk, the Ambaji Mata Temple is a prominent Shakti Peetha in India. Situated at the mouth of the river Saraswati, Ambaji also houses six other shrines; Ambikeshwar Mahadev, Varahi Mata, Ganapati Temples, Khodiyar Mata, Hanuman Temples and Ajayar Mata Temple.

Although dedicated to Arasuri Amba, a Hindu goddess from the pre-Vedic times, this temple does not house any idol of worship. Instead, the revered element is the triangular Vishwa Yantra, inscribed with figures and the syllable ‘Shree’ in the center, representing the deity.

Navratri at the Ambaji Mata Temple is a vibrant magnet for devotees for the span of nine days of the celebration. Full moon days or the Bhadarvi Poornima and the Indian festival of lights; Diwali also attracts several believers to the temple. Photography of the sacred text is strictly banned at the Ambaji Mata Temple.